La Forme de Neuss

caméra, ordinateur, capteurs, sable, aimants, tubes acryliques, matières végétales


Projet La Forme Rework dans le cadre des journées hanséatiques à Neuss, en Allemagne.

“None of the artists who had travelled to Neuss were as extensively occupied with the city as Jérôme Abel was. He arrived in the Rhineland days before and explored the area around the Alte Post, not only walking through the city centre but also exploring the harbour area and the banks of the Rhine. During the performance in the hall of the Alte Post, the artist acted in front of a transparent tabletop, which was filmed from below and projected live onto a wall for the audience. Jérôme Abel mapped his route through the city on a superimposed map by marking the individual points with small transmitters. These points connected on the projection, creating a »shape of Neuss«. On his tour through the city, the artist had collected a wide variety of fragments, such as stones, sand, plants, branches and also some Rhine water, put these things into previously constructed plexiglass tubes and now placed the materials piece by piece on thepanel.Gradually, a new image emerged, which began to interact with the previously found abstract, digital »shape of Neuss«. Every movement on the tabletop, every change in the constellation of materials and trans-mitters producedvisualand auditory efects. The interaction of the projection, the individual transmitters and the digital image and sound efects required special, newly created soft-ware that Jérôme Abel had programmed in preparation for HANSEartWORKS.”

Curatorial Team: Klaus Richter & Bianca Quasebarth

Thanks : Sophie Bonnerre & Alte Post Team!

Photos credits : Kurt Heuvens