Life of objects

Communicating objects and society of the merchandises

feb 09, 2012

The "Life of objects" workshop explore artists and hackers practices who act on objects and invent interactive systems with physical world. The meaning of the theme is double, because the two sides are linked. We must give consideration to the useful life and transformations of objects in a global view of the society of the merchandises, and to the integration of interactive behaviours into objects.

The presentation is online :


With : Alexandre Brugnoni (3D pole), Colin Ponthot (teacher)
Techniques : Arduino, Pure Data, Processing
Events :
"Vie des objets" workshop, from 6 to 9 february 2012, in Fine Art School of Nancy


Arduino code - - 86.81 KB
Arduino code - - 5.25 KB
Processing code - - 2.01 KB
Vie des objets presentation (1) - VieDesObjets_JeromeAbel_1.pdf - 8.29 MB
Vie des objets presentation (2) - VieDesObjets_JeromeAbel_2.pdf - 4.19 MB