nov 27, 2010

“Copy-pasting… combining the collective imagination”

Emancipation and drifts around the tools for art. The aim of the workshop is to build an hybrid, digital artwork prototype based on copy-pasting. Reusing existing works is the rule in free and open source environment. Datas, libraries of functions, memory locations, can all be transported, altered, recorded. Besides the assembly is a very effective method for learning techniques as it’s based on experience. Starting from various sources of information (files, artworks, sensors, etc..) that will feed our algorithms, our program will be shaped connection by connection. The students will be familiarized with the graphical programming environment Pure Data, along with Unix commands and networking protocols.


Techniques : Pure Data, Unix commands, network
Production : Goto10
Events :
- Workshop Pure Data with Chun Lee, EESI, 11.2007
- Figures of Interactivity Biennial, ESSI, 11.2010



French presentation - AtelierCopierColler_presentation.pdf - 3.39 MB
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