Pure Data courses

sep 19, 2010

The Art Sensitif Ressource Centre (CRASlab) was create in 2005 at Mains d’Œuvres. This is a resource and research media lab that welcomes public wishing to learn and test real-time interaction technologies applied in Art. This is a « pilot » open-source project, with a potential to be reproduced in others cultural and educational venues. Artists, students, teachers, developers and amateurs can learn about real time technologies and interactive arts : which hardware and software solution are the most appropriate for a project ? How to find resources or possible partners ? How to find info or have access to scientific studies ? The CRASlab is also a place where one can understand aesthetics and technological issues related to interactive arts and real time technologies. The CRASlab offers a three-folded pannel of activities : a show-room for experiencing interactive technologies (with many sensors, actuators and real-time multimedia platforms), a regular training program on exclusively free hardware and free software (such as Arduino, CUI, Processing and Pure Data) and a research & development laboratory. The lab is meant to be an exchange and teaching platform of resources.


Techniques : Pure Data, multimedia, interaction
Production : Craslab
Events :
- week-end workshops, 2006-2010
- evening lessons, 2009-2010 - initiation april the 20 and 21 2013




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