I'm a french multimedia artist.
I design interactive pieces and applications in a critical and funny way. I want stimulate some reflexions and sensations about relationships between mankind and his environment.

ARTIST BOOK/ You can download it, it is in french for now : artist book in french (9 Mo).

ART/ I'm a cofondator of an artistic collective Impala Utopia, started in 2004. I made some art pieces with them. My works was showed in digital art events in France and outside : Gamerz, Hack The City, Fête01, MIMI, City Sonic, Bains Numériques, Sonorama, Afropixel, Pure Data convention, Make Art, Mal au Pixel, Octopus, Arborescences.

CODE/ Programming is central in my works. It is not only useful tools, it takes part of the artistic expressions. I code almots open source audio and crossplatform programs for artists, medialabs and research centers.

WORKSHOPS and RESOURCES/ I like share tricks and knowledge. It makes mine stronger. In medialabs and schools, I teach workshops about free and libre software and hardware in artistic practices.With Réso-nance numérique collective, we organize once a month "Open Ateliers" to grew up a communauty of m(h)a(c)ker in the south aera of France.

SOCIETY/ My activities are influenced by different kind of movements, ethics, artistics, politics which are critics and constructive about this world : FLOSS, D.I.Y, Maker, Hacker, altermondialism, degrowth, Taker... Powerlessness policies worked out by big compagnies and the governance chain don't have to leave us cold.