Audio batch processing

mar 02, 2015

The CICM, a musical research center in Paris, is happy to announce you that we are currently developping a frontend for SoX : QSox. It is a batch-oriented frontend for SoX with Qt. The concept is simple : sometimes we need the SoX functionalities for a lot of files in audio projects. And we need those for all platforms, and with a very simply use.

The use is simple : a load and a processing section. First you can load files you need, and then you choose implemented SoX processings in a render chain. Each effects has a visual representation. You can listen and render the chain. This project is not complete, as you can see the current version is 0.35. We have not release a binary for Mac OS X.


With : Julien Bréval (SoX, UI design), Benoît Courribet (user expert), Julien Colafrancesco (code contributor)
Version : Beta (0.36)
Techniques : Code::Blocks, Qt, C++, SoX
Production : musical research center CICM
Operating System : GNU/Linux,Win XP
Code : http://sourceforge.net/projects/qsox/
Readme : http://qsox.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/qsox/README.txt?revision=26&view=markup
License : GNU/GPLv3




Article RFIM - QSox_rfim.pdf - 256.26 KB