New Atlantis

Virtual reality soundscape exploration

jan 27, 2012

Locus Sonus and ESAA and the Art and Technology Program at the SAIC began to create a multi user virtual world based on the second life model, but entirely dedicated to audio and video experimentation. Like second life or many online video games each user or visitor will download an application that will render the world locally on their computer. Each copy of the world is linked to a server so that each user can perceive the actions of others. The principal difference between our proposed world and second life is that it will incorporate relatively sophisticated VR and audio processing possibilities and that the navigation, architecture & esthetics are to be thought out primarily to enhance the virtual experience.


With : Gonzague de Fos du Rau (Panda3D, Python), Peter Sinclair (audio), Ben Chang (pathfinding), Bastien Vacherand (3D models)
Version : Alpha
Techniques : Python, Panda3D, Pure Data
Production : Locus Sonus, ESAA, ESAIC
Operating System : GNU/Linux,Win XP,Mac OS X
Code :
License : GNU/GPLv3
Events :
- Workshop, Art School of Aix-en-Provence, january 2011
- Workshop, Art School of Bourges, from 23 to 27 january 2012


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Pure Data initiation - - 123.02 KB
3D and PD objects (Bourges) - - 2.86 MB
Documentation (in progress) - - 17.12 KB