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In this performance, the artist uses the television as a simple percussion object in order to put this object into perspective, to demystify it and to create an artistic reappropriation of it's meaning within society. At first view, this performance scenario appears comical: on stage a performer sits on a television set and hits it aimlessly. Violence against an inanimate object has the tendency to produce a certain form of humour but the performance also presents the darker sentiments associated with mass media's effects on society. The performer provides concrete opposition to these concerns.This mocking gesture is significant of an era in which our relationship with the media is conflicted. Paradoxally, television is a popular media and contemporary culture is embodied within it. Television give rhythm to our lives, the 10pm news has become the most emblematic ritual.

As a spectator, at the end of the chain of information, the possibility to maintain control over the mediated information is quite small. One can simply turn on or off the television set or change the channel and volume. In this performance the artist harnesses these control devices and to create a veritable musical instrument with one major change to the televisions usual functioning: the sound and image are produced live and so the audio and visual results are completely unpredictable. This randomness makes the performance more amusing and allows viewers to pay attention to the choices made by the performer and his complicity with the software. The performance releases the viewer from a passive, individual and hypnotic position by including them in the act of reappropriating the typically calculated and established media. The artistic recompositions allow the viewer to watch the news as if it is a theatre play or piece of music complete with drama, tensions, patterns, etc.