Unité 01

Sounding letterbox

jun 02, 2012

Unité 01 is an autonomous sonic unit intended for installation in a public space. A location’s ambient sound track is transformed by an interactive system that is simply composed of a microphone and a speaker, connected to each other by a microcomputer. The composition of the sonic events is reorganized and manipulated autonomously by the system’s custom software. These sonic manipulations alter and interrupt the usual atmosphere of the location.


Version : Stable 1.0
Techniques : letterbox, microphone, computer, Pure Data, sound card, speaker
Coproduction : Acte91, conseil général de l'Essonne, collectif des villes pour la culture en Essonne
Events :
- exhibition in the MJC de Villebon, from the 8th september to the 1st october 2007
- congrès international de Pure Data, Montréal, Canada, from 22 to 26 august 2007
- Make Art in Poitiers, from 3 to 8 april 2007
- exhibition Le Bug ! in Plessis-Pâté, from the 1st to the 14th may 2006 - exhibition from 02/06/2012 to 26/08/2012, at La Louviere, Belgium



Unité 01, Louvière, Belgium (08/2012). Thanks to Annabelle for the film, Colin and Jérémie for the installation.


Presentation - Unite01_en_092007.pdf - 8.76 MB
Code - pd_Unite01.zip - 57.57 KB