Patatas de goma

Concert of car horns and lights

sep 30, 2014

"Patatas de goma" is a venezuelan argot for a car. It means literally "rubber feets". Five cars stand on a public square, a parking, or any other places where cars should be. They become musical and visual instruments, real time orchestrated by the software and the musicians. We use car horns and light bulbs as elements of the partition. It's an artistic situation in a common environment, destabilizing in a ludic mode. We thougth that it's important to hijack this object and all property policies. Wake up !

See also how-to make your own car horn controler :

Follow the developpement.


With : Grégory Grincourt
Version : Alpha
Techniques : Pure Data, electronic interfaces, transistors, relays, MIDI
Coproduction : DRAC of Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Regional Council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais
Events :
- GAMERZ festival, Aix-en-Provence, France, from 19 to 28 octobre 2012
- Comtemporary art museum (LAAC), Dunkerque, France, march 23th and 25th 2012
- City Sonic, Mons, Belgium, the august 27, 2010
- Les Bains Numériques, Enghien-Les- Bains, from 12 to 19 june 2010
- Art et paysages urbains, Lille, may 6, 2010


Patatas de goma - WTF 2014


Patatas de goma (2009-2012)


Patatas de goma -2009-2012


Patatas de goma - Gamerz




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