Eol Force 5

Wind propellers with synthesis sounds

jun 07, 2013

In a public space, eight 360° speakers form a circle around three wind propeller. The speed of blades is sent by a sensor and creates, pattern of synthesis sounds with Pure Data. The music is generated by the wind, unpredictable and capricious. When the wind is powerful, sounds are chaotic and Lorsqu'il souffle fort, le son devient chaotique et whirling, close to an explosion. Sounds propagation is not directional, it invites to deambulate in the circle and listen carefully to sounds variations.


With : Colin Ponthot
Version : Alpha
Techniques : wind propellers, dynamo, Arduino, Pure Data, 360° speakers
Coproduction : Transcultures
Operating System : GNU/Linux,Win XP,Mac OS X
Events :
- City Sonic, Maubeuge from, 7 to 9 june 2013
- Mimi, Frioul island, Marseille, from 1er to 14 july 2010
- Sonorama, Besançon, from 8 to 11 october 2009
- Nuit blanche, Bruxelles, the october 4, 2008
- Bains numériques, Enghien-les-Bains, from 6 to 14 may 2008
- City Sonic, Mons, Belgium, from 22 june to 29 july 2007
- Arborescence, Aix-en-Provence, from 30 september to 9 october 2005



Code - pd_EolForce5_V3.0.5.zip - 544.43 KB