Chimères Orchestra

Robotic drums in public space

nov 22, 2015

Our cities are made up of materials, surfaces and textures which vibrate and produce possibilities for aesthetic and musical intervention. What would happen if we could play these surfaces and hear their shapes and sounds? What if across our cities musical robots played upon these surfaces, turning the city into a live automatic orchestra?

Shaped like insects, Chimères Orchestra is a robotic sound installation, which is attached to metallic structures around the city. As a group, these robotic instruments form a tribe or family, and when organised together play rhythms using their spidery arms. Their sounds resonate through space, calling to passers-by, disrupting their rhythm and walk; they invite us to hit, play and explore the physicality of our urban surfaces.

English presentation (.pdf) : ChimeresOrchestra_en.pdf

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With : Reso-nance numérique
Techniques : Pure Data, Arduino, Solenoids, Motors, MOSFets, ...
Coproduction : Transcultures, le Conseil général de l Oise, Science Gallery, CNC DICREAM, Zinc
License : GNU/GPL3
Events :
- Journées européennes du patrimoine, péniche de la Cité des Bateliers de Longueil-Annel, du 17 au 18 septembre 2011
- Exposition à la Science Gallery à Dublin, du 22 juin au 8 septembre 2012 et intervention urbaine in Dublin du 22 au 24 juin 2012 au meeting house square.
- Made in Friche "Machines", from 21 to 22 november 2015 in Marseille.
- Installation au théâtre des Bernardines, Marseille, les 15 et 16 octobre 2013 pour le CMMR 2013.
- Smart City Festival, from 29 to 31 january 2016, Liberté Theater in Toulon.


Chimères Orchestra in Toulon (01/2016)


Chimères Orchestra - Shadok - 11/04/2015


Chimères Orchestra - Bernardines theater, 10/2013


Hack The City, Dublin, 06/2012


Film editing : Sophie Lambert-Onesime



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